About IHN of Athens

The Mission of IHN Athens is to mobilize our community to help homeless families in crisis situations achieve sustainable independence. It is the goal of IHN Athens to give homeless families the opportunity to stay together as a family and the time and resources to get back on their feet.

IHN Athens is a coalition of Athens Area Churches and Congregations of Faith, referred to as Host Congregations or Support Congregations, that may provide shelter, meals, and support for homeless families in crisis for up to 90 days.  Host Congregations, on a rotating basis, provide 3 meals a day to Network Families.  Each network family is provided with their own room within the Host facility.

The Hancock House Day Center is located at 393-1 West Hancock Avenue, and is staffed by the Executive Director, the Service Director, and the IHN Athens Office Volunteers and Office Van Drivers, who are trained on IHN Athens processes and policies.  From 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, unless they are working or in school, guests are at the Day Center, where they are assisted with employment direction, medical needs, financial management, childcare assistance, and transportation options. The guests also have access to laundry facilities, showers, telephones, and computers, and are able to send and receive mail.

What does IHN of Athens do?

The network of churches provides shelter, meals, and compassionate assistance for up to three families (or maximum of 14 people) in crisis situations. As a group, the families rotate from church to church on a weekly basis. By uniting congregations through our Day Center, and through the support of social service agencies, our program assists these families with finding sustainable housing, job training, employment, and with meeting other various needs.

For Guests

  • Families can stay together in a safe environment
  • Professional staff and caring volunteers provide daily support
  • A majority of families go on to secure permanent housing

For the Community

  • Mobilizes cost-effective community resources
  • Assists homeless families for about 1/3 the cost of public shelters
  • Does not institutionalize shelter as a solution to homelessness

For Volunteers

  • Provides an opportunity to make a difference in their own community
  • Provides an opportunity for families to volunteer together
  • Volunteer jobs fit varying schedules and talents

For Churches

  • Informs, energizes and motivates congregations
  • Offers meaningful family-centered outreach
  • Offers interfaith partnership

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