Our New Blog

HI Everyone!  Thanks to our Waddell Fellow through the Presbyterian Church, Dray Criswell, we now have a blog space on our website. We hope that you will check in periodically to read our blog posts, and if you would like to contribute an article, please let me (Stacy Pardue) know.

Our office has been busy this summer! Our staff now consists of Davin Welter, Director; Stacy Pardue, Assistant Director; Regina Goldman; Service Director, Elizabeth Morris, Office Assistant; Sarah Beth Tankersley, Master of Social Work Intern; Hannah Mapes, Bachelor of Social Work Intern; Dray Criswell, Waddell Fellow Intern.

We are working hard to improve all aspects of IHNA and its organizational processes. We want to keep a full house of families (3 families or 14 people is our weekly capacity), increase our number of host congregations,  improve communication with our volunteers and the Athens community, strengthen the collaboration with other homeless agencies in Athens, keep our finances strong, and be sure that we are thanking our many volunteers for their good work! We also are excited about increasing our interfaith work, and are helping form an Athens Area Interfaith Council that will focus on interfaith dialogue and service.  And, we are delighted that this week we welcomed the Al Huda Islamic Association as a new support congregation.

We hope you enjoy our new blog! Send us any feedback and keep engaged on our website. Thanks for making a difference to struggling families in Athens!  Athens is my new home; my husband Sam and I are delighted to be part of such a wonderful community!

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